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Current Needs

Adults - Female age 18-28. Male age 24-30.

Kids - Male & female age 6-10. Female age 12-16. Male & female age 2-3 (must be mentally mature for their age.)

IndyModels is Indiana's largest modeling agency. We book more jobs for more models in Indiana than all other sources combined. We are also the leading supplier of trade show spokesmodels nationwide. We became so by providing professional service to our Clients and by only working with the best, brightest and most dedicated people we can find.

Our Indianapolis roster models work in Indianapolis, Chicago, and in major markets across America. Since 2006, our models have travelled to: Louisville, Nashville, Atlanta, Orlando, Miami, NYC, Washington DC, Kansas City, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Montreal, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and yes...Honolulu.

The work we offer is REAL. Unlike the "here today, gone tomorrow" scams that only want your money (and a lot of it), we have been in business since 1994 and have grown to be the largest modeling agency in Indiana. We did it by staffing more jobs, in more places, than all others combined. Our work definitely does not involve standing in front of a grocery store handing out samples of frozen pizza. That will never be us. We work with Central Indiana companies who need models for their advertising, exhibitors and organizers of major sporting and special events, and with large companies who are exhibiting at industry trade shows nationwide. We also staff more runway/fashion events than any agency in the Midwest. For those who are accepted to our roster, we offer a level of work, and compensation, that is not available anywhere else in Indiana.

Our work requires talented people and more than just a "warm body." To be successful on our roster, you must be a very well-rounded person with exceptional "people" skills and with a "look" that our clients want. You must be able to initiate conversation, speak intelligently, and you absolutely must be reliable. Unlike the scams that want nothing but your money, we reject over 95% of all who apply to join our roster. We're extremely picky about who we will accept.

Parents - We seek disciplined, intelligent, well-behaved children who realistically can satisfy the needs of our clients. If this does not describe your child, it is unlikely that we would accept your child for representation. Please consider this BEFORE you decide to attend an open call.

If you are attractive, mature, personable & reliable, you're invited to submit all of the following for consideration:

  • Your Full Name (your first and last name must be provided)
  • Age (include your date of birth)
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone Number
  • Complete Stats & Wardrobe Sizes (height, weight, bust/cup, waist, hips, dress, shoe, hair, eye)
  • Your Best, Recent Sample Images (Snapshots are fine - at least one headshot and one full body. Submissions may be considered w/o images only if all other information is complete.)
  • Any Relevant Background (no experience is required to be considered)
  • In 50 words or less, tell us why you would be a good addition to our roster

Submit your information by U.S. Mail or email only (email is preferred). Your email subject line must be "New Talent". Incomplete or erroneous submissions will be discarded. You will receive a reply only if we are interested in talking with you. Please do not contact us in any other manner or for any other reason. (we recommend reading our FAQ before writing to us)

Outside of the Midwest? See the link on our Contact page for our Nationwide Site!

Roster Minimum Requirements (for adults)

If you are in college, or work a full-time job, your schedule must be very flexible for you to be of any use to us. If you do NOT live in Marion Country, or a county that borders Marion, it is unlikely that we will accept you for our roster (an exception may be made for those on a large, college campus.) You must have your own transportation.

Female: Age 19+, 5'3" to 5'10", proportional weight (small size 6 or less), attractive, personable, reliable.

Male: Age 23+, 5'9" to 6'1", proportional weight, attractive, personable, reliable.

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AVMA Honolulu