Frequently Asked Questions

Q.....I live 80 miles from Indianapolis. Is it possible you would accept me for the roster?

A.....Yes, several of our models live a distance from Indy. You must be willing to travel.

Q.....What kind of work would I be doing?

A.....Print, fashion, spokesmodel, runway, trunk shows, events, etc. In Indy, Chicago, Louisville, etc.

Q.....How will you know if I'm a match for what your clients need?

A.....No one is ever a match for all clients. You might be a perfect match for one and all wrong for the next. If we accept you for the roster, we believe you have potential.

Q.....Do you offer modeling classes?

A.....No. Nor do you likely need them. Such classes are a scam to take your money. We can prep you for our work in no time.

Q.....Will I need professional pictures?

A.....Yes. We can arrange a photo shoot for you in our studio. Avoid the scams that want to schedule you for $1200+ photo shoots with their "preferred" photographer. There's no justification for it costing that much and the results are often entirely wrong for the Indianapolis market.

Q.....Will I need printed composite cards?

A.....No, printed cards are almost never used in our industry anymore (haven't been for 10+ years.) There can still be a legitimate need for them in a market like New York but they are unnecessary in Indiana. Be leery of anyone who wants you to pay for printed cards.

Q.....How often will I work?

A.....It mostly depends on your availability. It also depends on your ability.

A.....Adults on our roster might work several times a month.

A.....Work for kids & teens is more limited and sporadic.

Q.....How long has IndyModels been in business?

A.....We began in March of 1994 and have been owned & operated by the same team ever since. There is no other current agency leadership in Indiana that can match our years in the business or our interaction with the best marketing/ad agencies, advertisers, tv/film show producers, etc.

Q.....Do I have to sign an agency contract?

A.....No. agency contracts, that limit you to working only for them, are not valid in Indiana. Avoid scams that try to force you to be "exclusive." In Indiana, you can always work for anyone you choose.

Q.....Your website has a bunch of pictures of talent working at jobs. Why don't the other agencies have such on their websites?

A.....We get that question a lot. We actually have work for our roster and it makes sense for us to show them doing it!

Q.....What is this going to cost me?

A.....Aside from the potential cost of photography, nothing. Avoid the scams that want you to pay a huge sum of money. There's no justification for it in any market but certainly not in one the size of Indianapolis.

Q.....Do you take everyone who applies?

A.....No. We're not a "cattle call" agency. We're picky.

A.....We interview everyone upfront and constantly evaluate them.

Q.....I hate people but I love money. Should I apply?

A.....Definitely not. We're in a "people" business. Interaction skills are vital to a model in any market, New York or Indianapolis.

Q.....I'm 5'2", 180#, and lost a leg in the war. Should I apply?

A.....For Veteran's benefits, yes. To IndyModels, no.

Q.....I'm only interested in print work. Should I apply anyway?

A.....You can, but Indy is a limited opportunity market. We need well-rounded, complete candidates. Only being available for print work will impact your bookings.

A.....However, for those under age 16, print (and rare event or fashion work) is all we offer.

Q.....If I'm accepted, how long does it take to get on the site?

A.....About a week after we have your images. See the Join Us page for more info.

Q.....I've seen other agencies listed on the Internet. How are you different?

A.....We operate as a real agency and have been since 1994. It costs nothing to join our roster. We have paying work for our roster models. We occasionally have travel jobs for our roster models in other cities but most of our work is right here in Indy.

Q.....But what about the agencies that say they're going to send me to Paris and/or put me in front of international "talent agents?"

A.....It's all a complete scam. The whole fantasy is made up and is not how the industry works. They literally have nothing to offer you except an empty bank account. There's a popular saying in the modeling industry: "All Modeling is Local." It couldn't be more true.

Q.....Is there anything else I can do to avoid being scammed?

A.....Yes. Make any "agency" show you recent work they've put their models in right here in Indianapolis. If they tell you they can make you famous in another city, leave immediately. Most "agencies" survive by scamming you out of a huge sum of money (as much as $2000) right at the start (and they are done with you after that.) If they operate in many cities (scan the Internet to see), they are likely a well-tuned scam. All modeling is local.


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