Frequently Asked Questions


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For those interested in hiring a model

Q.....Is there a minimum number of hours?

A.....Yes. 4 hours daily for trade shows, promotions, etc.

A.....Print work books in industry standard 1/2 & full day rates.

Q.....Do we pay before the event or after it's over?

A.....Most bookings are paid in advance.

Q.....How can we find out the rates for a model at our event?

A.....Either call us or send email if you prefer. See our "Contact" page.

Q.....What's the latest we can book models for our event?

A.....2 days before the event. Preferably 7 days or more.

A.....In Indianapolis only, we can usually staff with 12 hour's notice.

Q.....Can we see who we are booking prior to our event?

A.....Absolutely. We have the best site for previewing who is available.

A.....For those who aren't yet on the site, we can send you preview links.

Q.....Can you provide Talent anywhere?

A.....Probably. We have Talent available in all major markets.

Q.....Do you have male models, seniors, plus size, children, etc.?

A.....Yes, all the above. Contact us for more info.

Q.....Our event is in a really small, isolated town. Can you help?

A.....Usually, if it's within 200 miles of a large, metropolitan area.

Q.....Do rates vary by city or by type of job?

A.....They can vary by city and/or type of work.

Q.....What is the rate structure for Print Talent?

A.....Print models have 1/2 day and full day rates.

Q.....Do you provide models for professional photographers?

A.....Generally, no. Well-known, exceptional studios may inquire.


For those interested in joining our roster

Q.....I live somewhere that's not mentioned on your site. Should I apply?

A.....Yes, we're constantly looking for people to join us.

Q.....What kind of work would I be doing?

A.....Look at the pictures on the right side of each page. That's what. Nationwide.

Q.....Do you offer modeling classes?

A.....No. Nor do you need them. Such classes are a scam to take your money.

Q.....I don't have professional pictures. What are my options?

A.....For $200, we can arrange a photo shoot for you.

Q.....How often will I work?

A.....It mostly depends on your availability. It also depends on your ability.

A.....Adults on our roster can work 3-4 times a month.

A.....Work for kids & teens is limited and sporadic.

Q.....I have some great pictures from 1998. Can I use them?

A.....No. Your pics must be less than 4 months old & look like you.

Q.....What is this going to cost me?

A.....Aside from the potential cost of photography, nothing.

Q.....Do you take everyone who applies?

A.....No. We're not a "cattle call" agency. We're very picky.

A.....We interview everyone upfront and constantly evaluate them.

Q.....I hate people but I love money. Should I apply?

A.....Definitely not. We're in a "people" business.

Q.....I'm 5'2", 180#, and lost a leg in the war. Should I apply?

A.....For Veteran's benefits, yes. To IndyModels, no.

Q.....I'm only interested in print work. Should I apply?

A.....Probably not. Everyone on our roster does spokesmodel work, too.

A.....However, for those under age 16, print & event work is all we offer.

Q.....If I'm a really bad person at an event, how will you ever know?

A.....Really bad people usually get weeded out during the roster selection process.

A.....Our Clients provide feedback on everyone who works for us.

A.....You'll never have the opportunity to be really bad twice :)

Q.....If I'm accepted, how long does it take to get on the site?

A.....About a week after we have your images.

Q.....Can I be removed from the site anytime I want to be?

A.....Sure. We can remove you anytime we want to as well :)

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